Shauna of the Star's Oracle Insights

Subscription Policy

1. You are responsible for keeping track of what package you signed up for and the days. The subscription renews automatically and you have 7 days to cancel, after the renewal. Otherwise, you are committed to the entire length of the package, whether you participate or not, until the end of the package.

You may cancel anytime to avoid being charged for the next 90 day cycle - however, at least 48 hrs before the next 90 day cycle starts. If you cancel mid-cycle, you'll still receive the promised services until the cycle you've already paid for officially ends as there's no partial refund possible. 

2. You are responsible for signing up for your personal readings. You have 24hrs to cancel or reschedule. If you miss the appointed scheduled time, the appointment is not refunded or rescheduled. Basically, you have lost the appointment. There MUST be 24 hours notice. 

3. All information is kept private. Read privacy policy here.