Tarot Enchantments

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Oracle Insights

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Love Tarot Readings?

This is my gift to the Universe.

Free Tarot Reading Videos on Special Holy Days. Fortune cookie idea, write here.

Saints, Angels, Gods

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Love to Manifest?

This is my Ultimate Guide to getting what you want. My proven ABC's to manifest the life of Your dreams.

It's here and It's FREE!



Shauna of



A Savvy Tarot Video Channel

Creating a Magnificent Future for YOU!




A private tarot reading channel flooded with exclusive guidance from the Divine. So you manifest those rich, glittering dreams for your highest good according to grace.

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Like opening a fortune cookie,

FREE Tarot Enchantment Video readings

 give you a psychic lift on special days,

to increase your intuitive awareness

and guide your in the day.


guided meditations to help YOU relax, heal, visualize a great future

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5th LeveL reiki master teacher

tarot reader for 25+ years

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