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Free Tarot Enchantment Video Readings is the answer and my gift to the Universe.

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Oracle Insights

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An exclusive, private tarot reading video channel flooded with exclusive guidance from the Divine, forecasting the future of each calendar week.

So you will manifest those rich, glittering dreams for your highest good according to grace, by getting clear insights.

Private Readings

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Jaw-dropping insights.

Concrete answers.

The proof you’ve been waiting for.

All in less time than it takes to get a bang trim and a blowout. 


Shauna of the Star

A Savvy Tarot Reading Video Channel

Creating a Magnificent Future for YOU!


Tarot Illuminations Blog

Curious about how the whole “psychic world” works?

Check out my mini-library of articles about using tarot to transform your life.

Remember, this isn’t just about reading the meaning of the cards—it’s about HOW you allow these insights to transform your consciousness, heal old wounds, and develop your trust and intuitive abilities so you live your best life.

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Shauna Angel Blue, Oracle

Shauna Angel Blue, Oracle

I am here to lead and serve those who struggle with being alone and feeling unloved; who dream of being in a relationship with the love of their lives. I do this by helping people to use their creative sexual vibrancy to shift their world from one of anger, fear or bitterness; to one of hope, creativity and true love.

I created Shauna of the Star, a Tarot Video Channel, to provide help via psychic guidance, in creating a world that is beyond your wildest dreams and wishes, and will form a connection to a spiritual reality. In this Shauna of the Star channel, there are tons of free readings; along with deeper services.

Come, be on this grand journey with me and join now!