Jaw-dropping insights. Concrete answers.

The proof you’ve been waiting for.

Want one-shot guidance on finding your forever mate or finally launching your soul business?

How about reuniting with a lost loved one or freeing yourself from a codependent relationship?

Whether you want more or need less of what you’ve got, I’ll give you the specific answers you need (plus confidence, courage, and a kick in the ass) to finally make it happen.  

Imagine sitting down for a cup of tea with a long-lost girlfriend. It’s instantly comfortable, whether you connect in a soothing studio in New York City or across oceans through the magic of Zoom. You dish about a few of your favorite things (wearing comfy pants, long walks among trees) and laugh like crazy (at yourselves). You’re a little bit nervous, a lot bit excited, and it feels like a party for two—until she pulls out a deck of gorgeously illustrated tarot cards, at which point it gets even better.

You ask her what you want to know the most, that burning question that loops in your head at 4am every morning. As her experienced fingers snap through the cards, she recites a prayer to create a safe space around you. Her first observation zaps you out of your thought-fog; her second makes your eyes go wide. Soon enough, you’re scribbling down notes, charting your roadmap the next several months, your heart surging with relief and inspiration. Because NOW you can finally see the truth: your dreams ARE within your reach.

As your personal oracle, my ONLY goal is delivering specific answers to your hyper-specific questions.

I keep a personal, strict diet (no booze, no drugs) to keep the channel of my spirit totally clear. Once I switch my laser-focus onto your situation, I consult the cards. That’s when the intuitive “hits” start—and they speak directly to what’s next for YOU. So you’re empowered to do what it takes to achieve success (or change things if you’re headed down the wrong path).

Interested in a private session?

I offer 4 different types of sessions.

  • 30-Minute Readings: $90. Most popular! (you'll be amazed how much can be seen in a 1/2  hour!)

  • 60-Minute Readings: $150

  • 75-minute Calendar Reading for a year, where we look month by month what is in store for you: $195 This will start at any point in a calendar year. Great for a birthday present or New Year beginnings. 

  • 75 minute Couples Reading: $195. Yes, it is a lot of fun and intense. Individual and together reading, using Tarot and Basic Astrology information.

And in case you’re wondering…yes, I’m worth it.

I’ve been honing my skills and delighting clients for over 25 years. 99% of my customers come through referral. I wouldn’t HAVE a career as a psychic if I wasn’t really, really good.

Bottom line: Yes, I can predict the future.

I am the real deal, my love.

But you don’t have to take my word for it.

Words of Kindness, from people I have worked with. 

“Shauna has been spot on about my ex-husband having an affair, about me being much better without him, and about making a spiritual connection on vacation in the Mediterranean.

Most recently and most specifically, Shauna told me I would meet a man who either owned a travel company, or who owns a car dealership, who loves cars or races cars. She also said this man wanted to wine and dine me, that women throw themselves at him and he wants a real relationship. She also saw real estate.

Well, 2 nights ago I had dinner with a man who races Porsches, tonight I have dinner with a man who owns his own limo company, and next week I think I'm meeting the one Shauna saw. He is a realtor, loves cars (he has 4), and he is a drummer in a rock band that travels the U.S. How does Shauna do this? She's a rock star goddess!”


“I have just finished a private reading with Shauna and all I can say is wow! Having had readings in the past, my experience with Shauna was completely different. She has a natural ability to put you at ease and to see into your soul - the reading was so insightful, absolutely spot on and even identified feelings that I hadn’t discussed with even my partner. Shauna made me feel special, loved and welcomed by the universe, leaving me with everything in divine right order according to grace. If you are looking for a reading to guide your thoughts, I highly recommend booking an appointment with Shauna!”


“When Shauna gave me my first Tarot reading I was BLOWN AWAY by her insight, her knowledge of astrology and the tarot deck, and her sassy, funny, genuineness when describing what my fortune was.  She is ACCURATE!!  (Sometimes, even when I didn't want to face my own situation, her gentle yet frank explanation of the cards helped me move forward.) Since then, I have been asking her advice, and learning SO much from her for 15 years!  Shauna is a GIFT to all, take advantage and schedule a session with Shauna of the Star!”


“Shauna immediately honed in on an unusual situation known only to my immediate family.  Shauna gave me advice that helped me to accept it, release it, and move on.  In that way, I was pleasantly surprised, because I was looking for a little light fun, but instead got healing advice on a situation that has bothered me for 3 decades.  She truly has a gift.”


Ready to get the specific answers you crave and change the outcome of your life?