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Tarot Enchantments

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Channeled Tarot guidance from  the Universe for special energetic holy days and social calendar events.



Oracle Insights

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An exclusive, private tarot reading video channel flooded with spot on guidance, forecasting the future of each week.

You will manifest those rich, glittering dreams, by receiving these clearly channeled, artistically produced Oracle Insights for 21 days.


Private Readings

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Tarot Readings via Video for Special Holy and Calendar Holidays.


Kind words/Client Love

~I consider myself a very intuitive person. And still going into my first Transformational Tarot Reading I was a skeptic who didn’t know what to expect. I had some questions in mind, but Shauna channeled my deepest desires and worries. She clarified things for me that had been troubling me for months and years. It’s been 36 hours and I’m still re-listening to it, because of how profound it all was! I guess part of me was in shock! What’s most important to acknowledge though is how incredibly light I felt post reading. I felt as though I had seen a therapist and just worked things out. I had a more certain vision of where I was headed and what my true potential is. I feel truly transformed and am so grateful for this time! I can’t believe I ever cared how much it would cost! My peace of mind and sound heart are worth so much more! Thank you Shauna! So glad the universe brought you into my life! You’re an amazing Spiritual Guide!

~Chef Claudia

~ Your reading gave me a different perspective on my relationship dynamic. Many of the things you told me were very meaningful and included symbols and archetypes that are potent to me at this time - you really picked up on key themes and helped me focus on them differently. Thank you for giving me such detailed direction and clarifying insight! You are so down to earth yet your messages seem to come directly from the stars - a magical combination! ~Artemis

~Shauna, I've gone back and reviewed our sessions and it really astounds me the insights you offer to me. The space you created for these sessions is tight and focused. I sensed your concentration and connection and am grateful for how much you've helped me to see things about my life. You are totally present. What a gift to me! Thank you. ~ Margaret


~Sweet Shauna, Thank you so so much for this video that has brought a smile and joy to my morning. You are so creative and unique in the ways you express yourself and connect with others - you're simply amazing and so inspiring. I appreciate too all the love, guidance and friendship you have given me over the years. Hope you have the best day ever! Love you! xo ~C.Czuj


Shauna Angel Blue/Shauna of the Star

I am here to lead and serve those who struggle with being in their own power. I direct people to use their creative vibrancy and shift their world from one of anger, fear or bitterness; to a world of hope, creativity and true love.

When you create a world that is beyond your wildest dreams and wishes, you form a true connection with a spiritual reality.

Shauna of the Star has tons of free readings; along with deeper services, to create healing and connection.