Over the years, I’ve invested tens of thousands of dollars in channeled readings of the cards. These readings, combined with my spiritual development, allowed me to manifest my dream career, my soul mate, and my life’s work.

Honestly, I created Oracle Insights because I LOVE the results of tarot readings—but I think it’s UNFAIR that getting consistent guidance is prohibitively expensive.

You either pay for a lifetime of regular private sessions, or you have to become a tarot reader yourself…and trust me, the latter takes DECADES.

The other problem with one-off private sessions is they don’t provide ongoing support and accountability. And as we all know, it takes practice, repetition and commitment to achieve any major change…including becoming a magnet for love, money, and fame.

I knew many of my clients felt the same way. I dreamed of the day I could offer a less expensive option and a mode of ongoing support…and now that day has arrived.

After 20 years of intensive psychic study, I finally have the expertise to read archetypical energy and act as an EXCLUSIVE channel for multiple clients at once.

In Oracle Insights, I tap into wisdom ONLY for those who sign up for the program. As a result, So I’m able to make ACCURATE predictions for as many Shauna of the Star clients as I want.

This is DIFFERENT from other online tarot card readings, because Oracle Insights, are spontaneous, unscripted channeled readings. They do NOT apply to everyone.

These dense, powerful, glittering shots of insight are downloaded specifically for you (not everyone with your star sign, not everyone listening, only you who have signed up to participate in this series).

That means YOU get affordable readings on a regular basis—and they’re more customized, more accurate, and more aligned with your soul than any other card readings online.