Secret Enchantment Unicorn With New Head

This week, we need a little boost, I believe.

I also wanted to show you the before and after of what they did to the Unicorn’s head.

For me, when it was broken was just as beautiful as when the head was on before, which we have not seen. However, if you compare with the beautiful lion’s head, there is so much personality in the lion’s face.


I wish they would have just left the statue alone.

What is broken, can NOT be mended.

Note: Not sure why I am saying this…..

Another lesson I have learned the hard way in life… “Never go back” (under the What is broken, can NOT be mended.)

I may have to add this to my other three sayings….

  1. No is a complete sentence.

  2. The less stress the better

  3. There is always another way.

Shauna Angel Blue

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