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February 23-26 2018

Visiting the Vortex


Shauna's Travel Calendar

Oracle Insights to be filmed, Reiki adventures to be had and classes to be taught!

Connect with me and let's have some FUN!


England 18 September to 30 September turning 60 in September 22nd! + 8 day Reiki Adventure

NYC 1 October to 17 October WORK on projects

Portland 18 October to 23 October  Reiki Level II course + wedding

NYC 24 October to 25 December with a run to Kingston ON Canada for a Tarot Conference (17-20 November)


Chicago 1 January to 20 February ART studio

Arizona/Sedona 21 February to 26 February  Reiki Adventure in Sedona

San Diego 26 February to 15 March  Reiki Classes+ visiting mother, plus Marketing activities

Los Angeles 15 March to 19 March Reiki classes + Adventures

Chicago/NYC 19 March to 14 April Rest + Regroup

Paris 15 April to 25 April Reiki Adventures in LOVE


Special Offer

90 days of Oracle Insights

Tarot Reading Videos for the Spiritually Savvy

 $97 (value $297)

90 days of Oracle Insights, you will experience how you are loved by the Divine and connect to the psychic energies of the week, which will improve your spirit, your emotions, your mind and your overall health;  because to know you are loved by the Infinite Divine is an amazing experience. Each Tarot video is infused with Reiki energy. You are surrounded by Divine Love the entire time.


Yvonne Radley, from Big Me Up Media uses the Oracle Insights to improve her business. Watch this video for her story. (1:37)


Meet Your Angels, Guides and Masters

23-30 September 2017


Experience past lives, ancient connections and future visions

Explore 3 of England's most Powerful Energetic Centers.

YES, this is an ADVENTURE!

Only 1 space left!  SOLD OUT!

Must register by September 1st, 2017

Glastonbury, Mount St. Michael's and Avebury.