Learn to develop  your intuitive skills,

to materialize all of your rich, jewel-like dreams

WITHOUT second-guessing your every move.




Private Tarot Guidance + Psychic Transformation

Imagine this...

Through the medium of video, you step into your personal psychic palace—an elegant, otherworldly portal that gives you intuitive training and a treasure map to your brightest dreams.

When you enter this quiet, luxurious space, you’re surrounded by beautiful, expansive views of natural places or inspiring art. Shimmering in the air around you are Guides and Masters, Heavenly Angels, your Higher Self, your Future Self, and your Evolved Self—all the forms of divine loving energy ready to help you transform.

The Beginning Prayer

Then you hear me, Shauna Angel Blue, say a prayer that casts a circle of golden light around us. Without any rambling preludes or unnecessary tangents, I channel divine guidance spontaneously, using tarot and my own psychic vision to predict the week and days ahead.

Like a fairy godmother with a magic wand, I magically dissolve your self-doubt and confusion, revealing the signs, symbols, and blessings to watch for after you leave our luminous realm.

For the last 20 years, I’ve worked directly with clients just like you, giving them guidance and helping them learn how to manifest and accept their soul mates, meaningful careers, and next great loves into their lives.

Now I invite you to receive the same quality of guidance…without paying for a lifetime of private tarot readings.


  • Two Shauna of the Star Oracle Insights videos every single week. During these 5-10 minute spontaneous, unscripted channelings, I ask my ego to step aside, then draw tarot cards and give voice to the visions provided by God and the universe, I describe the week ahead in two different ways:
    • The Archetypal Oracle, a forecast of the week’s energetic fluctuations, so you stay focused on blessings and don’t get distracted by emotional ups and downs. (Think of it like a weather report for your emotions!)
    • The Every Day Oracle, a treasure map with specific signs to look for (like a man with red hair or a woman in green) and opportunities to seize (like a new business venture or a winning lottery card)…each new day of your life.
  • Anchoring visions and inspiring visuals in every video, including films in museums, heritage sites, and wild nature and garden areas, so you can soak up the energy of these landscapes and integrate them into your everyday life
  • No fluff or distractions in the form of ads, video intros, or lengthy conclusions, so you get to keep as much of your precious lifetime as possible
  • Straight-to-your-inbox delivery plus anytime online access, so visiting your royal portal and refreshing your own psychic gifts is easy and totally effortless
  • Year Long membership, as powerful as a golden set of keys, so you can unlock the gates to your palace of predictions whenever you want to
  • A 100% PRIVATE channel, so our collective energy remains high, at a vibration that truly nourishes and enriches those of us ready to evolve
  • Divine guidance in the form of Reiki energy, which I call in through my prayer at the outset of every video.  
  • Ongoing accountability and focus, so you remain alert for signs pointing to what you want most—and you stay on track with the psychic and spiritual growth that makes it possible for you to accept these gifts once you get them

Oracle Insights = modern alchemy

Blending the mediums of video, tarot, nature, Art and Time into a channel that can transform your reality into whatever you’re desiring right now.   Basically, Oracle Insights works by transforming YOU into a magnet for manifesting your dreams.

Sample Oracle Insights reading for the week of September 28th. the Archetypal

When you sign up, you jumpstart a psychic overhaul across your emotional, mental and spiritual bodies. A dialogue begins directly between you and the spiritual plane—one that transforms you from the inside out. Your own transformation yields physical, tangible results in the form of  divine timing, and perfect messages unfolding just for you.

These signs are like drops of gold illuminating divine symbols in your everyday life. They help you see what (and who) aligns with your highest good according to grace.

As you follow these signs, week in and week out, you learn to trust your own intuitive abilities. The inner change happens in little bits, day by day. It is important for one to develop their spiritual life just as much as their physical bodies.

I’ve even included 4 super-sweet bonuses:

Sample the first Secret Enchantment for 2017 (2:04)

BONUS #1: Access to my favorite zero-judgment zone, the Shauna of the Star members-only Facebook group(Priceless)
Here, you can freely gush about your synchronicities, ask questions, and celebrate wins with fellow tarot-lovers—all from the comfort and privacy of your pajama pants. We will talk about spirituality with the respect it deserves and honor our visions. There will be lots of "LIVE" videos with readings and all sorts of fun. 

BONUS #2: Secret Tarot Enchantments that are only given to my Shauna of the Star members. (Value: Secret, of course)

BONUS #3: Once a month online group coaching through ZOOM. Once a month I will host a ONE hour call for anyone who wants to come on and get some clarity on any issue they would like to address. (Value: $2,700)

Bonus #4: One private, One hour reading with me! (Value: $230) Schedule here.

The total value here is insane.

  • We’re talking $1000s in bonuses + $1000s for an intuitive coach or therapist + $1000+ or more for monthly readings

  • I’m not a math wizard, but that’s at least $30,000 in value. (Told you one-off readings were expensive!)

  • Your investment in Oracle Insights: only $1297 for a lifetime membership! 

  • Want to talk to me... pick a time here... and I will answer any question and see if this is a fit for you. 

For more information on the Oracle Insights; pick a button, any button

A special announcement for you... press play. (0.24 sec)



tarotheaderleadmagnet copy.jpg

Here’s how one Oracle Insights subscriber explains it:

“This week’s video shook me to the core. Though from the outside of my life, it seems that it’s all terribly precarious and about to crash in. Yet I’ve been experiencing some profound changes the past few days. The messages are getting louder and clearer and certainly more beautiful. The changes I am being asked to make within myself and the way I engage with the world are profound and real.

Yet there’s always that small voice inside that doubts…

But your video took my breath away. It validated everything I’m feeling and felt like a true message.”




The Every Day for the week of January 1st 2017. (4:27)

Because let’s face it: You wouldn’t be reading this page if the status quo was working for you.

So sure, you can spend another few weeks or months or years trying to puzzle out your future.

You can try to ignore the voice in your head screaming “I want more (love/money/sex/fame/insert your dream goal here).” Love this, too

You can DEFINITELY ignore the gentle voice of your intuition, which is always whispering exactly what you need to hear.

But none of that will get you closer to becoming the person your heart and soul know you can be.


So, my love, tell me truly—what are you waiting for?

Let’s play together. Let’s have a ball. And together, we’ll fulfill your soul’s purpose and create a life beyond your wildest dreams.

and reveal the signs all around you…today