1. In just a few minutes, when you sign up, you’ll receive a customized welcome to your Oracle Insights channel. You’ll also receive an of-the-moment reading to jumpstart your psychic evolution and provide immediate guidance for what’s happening right now in your life. 

  2. Every week, you’ll receive a new set of Shauna of the Star Oracle Insights readings for the week. You’ll get password-coded access to both your Archetypical Reading and your Daily Readings for the week.

  3. Use the Archetypal Oracle to set your perspective for a fruitful and flowing week. As you move through your days, you can recall and reflect on the Daily Every Day Oracle readings for instruction on mindset and grounding, and preparing yourself for what lies ahead. I suggest you keep a special journal to chart the process and progress of your psychic revelations and spirit's movements in your life.

  4. As weeks pass, you not only move with grace and ease toward the things you want the most, you develop a conscious relationship with the spirit world around you.

  5. Your soul awakens, your psychic skills tune in, and you attract your richest life—in realms both seen and unseen.

  6. You will see how important being conscious of the psychic aspects of your life is, in connection with living your purpose and loving your life.


And you’ll be able to repeat the cycle over and over again with anything you want, because the series is yours for the year.