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ABC’s of Manifesting

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This in-depth, hands-on manual (20+ pages) has everything you need to:

  • Activate your natural manifesting power—even if meditation makes your head spin and you don’t have a psychic bone in your body

  • Practice the simple, repeatable 3-step process I used to manifest the love of my life (it’s so easy, you can do all 3 steps TODAY!)

  • Flip ONE mindset switch to proliferate your chances of success (not doing this sabotages 99% of would-be manifestors!)

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Shauna of the Star


Free Tarot Readings, Private Readings and many other Free Gifts all relating to manifesting your most wonder filled future, using psychic realms, meditations and channeled readings.

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Sacred Heart Revolution


Kundalini Yoga courses and Meditations; along with Reiki Adventures to Sacred Sites on the planet and museums.

40 Days of Golden Subagh Kriya

$97. Course

An online course containing 40 days of recorded Subagh Kirya classes, for superb accountability and lessons to shift your destiny and draw money to your bank account.

Beam + Create Your Future

$97. Course

An online course containing 40 days of recorded classes, holding you accountable in this beautiful 15 minute meditation to Beam + Create a Future Self of what you want your life to be.

Curious? Who wouldn’t be? The Freebie section!

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It doesn’t matter if you’ve never been to a tarot reader, or you’ve got a handful of psychics on speed dial, or you simply dabble in Rumi and star charts every once in a while.

My suite of free resources comes fully loaded with intuitive instruments to hone your skills. 

More specific than an armful of self-help books, more active than meditation, and a heck of a lot of fun!

Choose your favorite or try them all

21 Days of Divine Connection

21 Glorious days of Psychic connection through a daily/weekly tarot reading video guidance system, called Oracle Insights. Through these readings, see how Spirit is manifesting in your life, through signs and suggestions in your every day world.

Tarot Enchantments

Free Tarot Reading Videos for special Holy Days and Events to give you a little psychic boost for the day. Like a Fortune Cookie that gives you real guidance and information.

Love Library Meditations

Like to Meditate? go here for a Free library of meditations developed for your highest good according to Grace.

Want me to develop something special for you? Just let me know and you will then find it in the library for you!