In a previous blog post, 22 ways to be Free, the Fool, I came up with a list of actions one could take to take a leap of faith and start on a new path, a new journey. The Fool makes the decision, innocently, to come out of the cave and take a step into the void. It is a huge beginning with this small step into the unknown. Innocence is vital, for a knowing of the future or the past may color the decision to begin anew.  One just has to say, “Okay, here I go…” 

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This is the beginning of our journey through the Tarot’s major arcana.  An archetypal journey is always on a symbolic level and must manifest physically to be understood in everyday life.  This requires the people involved in a tarot reading to pay attention to the “signs” along the way.

Upon making the list of “22 Ways to Be Free”, I made the gesture of jumping off my trampoline and announcing to the Universe in mid air “I was ready”.

In the next few days I found myself getting more and more stressed about what I had “leapt” into: committing to a new diet, committing to a new relationship with marketing AND committing to myself that I was NOT going to put anyone else’s creative projects before my own.  I was not breathing.  One morning I woke up, and the very first thing, before moving, I took a big breath.  I felt my body ignite with this breath and realized that this was the magic I needed to begin the day; my own beautiful breath and the way this carries my body throughout the day and to the events that will transpire in my life.

Here’s a formula to MAKE MAGIC HAPPEN.

  • Take that first conscious breath each day.  (BREATH, the most truly powerful thing we can do). Feel the body animate with the life force and acknowledge the spirit of life. 
  • See yourself crossing the threshold of sleep into coming awake, each morning.
  • Set Intentions/ Say a Prayer
  • See the tools of your life, whatever you use to create with, in front of you.
  • Begin the day; be brave, take risks, show up to your dreams, desires and wishes.
  • Be in the world and be ready to see and interpret the signs around you, to guide you in the day and when you need to, ask for help.

Now the unconscious power is opened within and can guide invisibly, as if by magic, through the most difficult or pleasurable moments in life.  Magic is unpredictable, not solid and cannot be held or controlled. One has to allow this essence to permeate each moment of ones life. This a very tall order to realistically carry out.  It means accepting the tools that are given at birth and working with them to the best of one’s ability, to create a life. 

I MUST, upon awakening take in one deep breath and feel my body animate with this power and intentionally say, “this is magic”.  I can begin the new day knowing I have surrendered to the Universe and what it will provide. TRUST is the keyword.  Trust in the “Magician” and INNOCENCE of the “Fool” to begin an archetypal journey into one’s life.