The Holy Trinity: The Empress, The Emperor and the High Priestess



“The Holy Trinity”


Once the fool has left the cave and began his magical journey, there is a calling deep inside the soul that wants to connect to an inner guidance system. It is a creative force, feminine and powerful that demands one to listen to this Holy Spirit, so the soul will fulfill it’s destiny on this earth plane.  The Fool has become embodied and the soul needs to be heard from the depths of the unknown.  Then, nurturing (The Empress/Mother) and decisions (The Emperor/ Father) need to be made for adventure and manifestation to happen.  The body that is illuminated by breath, must be listened to, treated well and with love, while allowing itself to move further out into the world where known and unknown exist together.

Can you love yourself deeper than any mother loves their child? Are you willing to nurture, love and be gentle with your self?

Will you take charge, demand and embody your own authority?

Do you want to hear the hidden world inside of your psyche in which the secrets of your real purpose and the deeper patterns of your destiny?

Here are three small actions you can take to invoke and develop these archetypes inside you.

1.     (Empress) Love and nurture yourself unconditionally, as if you were your own baby. Take yourself out in Nature and feel the wind, sun and sounds as they connect you deeper to the Earth

2.     (Emperor) Strength is the key word here.  This is the time to own your power.  Write down one commitment you are going to make with yourself on a small piece of paper.

Say it out loud three times what this commitment is and then burn the paper.

3.     (High Priestess) Carry a small journal with your self and write down immediately any insights gathered in your daily life.  Keep the journal small it fits in anything that you are carrying.  Yes, it has to be a pad of paper and not computer.  Writing with an instrument activates different parts of your brain. Look at it once in a while, to stay connected and begin to chart your relationship with spirit.

I confess, I have a hard time with the taking my own authority and claiming my right to rule my world.  I tend to take care of others and focus too much on my intuitions, connecting to spirit and reveling in this dark, kind of undertone feminine power of the unknown. 

However, to continue to live my true soul’s purpose, I know I have to make peace and invite this fiery confrontation in both the positive and negative forms to be balanced my own feminine self.  I have to stop blaming others for the state of affairs in the world and call on the Emperor to change me into a powerful woman IN the world. For success to happen, I need a plan, ask others for help and follow through to the end of the confrontation and claim my own authority however the conclusion transpires.  I must be certain that I am effective in my own life and embody my own authority.