I Promise You,

Once Upon a Time, 27 years ago, when I was 32, following a tour of the Wild, Wild West, that is, three years in Portland, Oregon, I returned to my homeland of Illinois. I had loved living in the Pacific Northwest.  It was like being in a foreign country.  I had not lived away from my family before and also began attending art school, all of which was very different from my rural upbringing.  When I returned to the land of housewives, from whence I had come, it was intensely strange and I felt quite alone

I lived along the Fox River for about a year, working hard to pay off debts and be with my children.  I came to accept where I was living and that people seemed to be intimidated by my intensity. I had created my own world in which to exist until I could move on, once my children were grown,  as I was looking about ten years forward. I was waiting.

One day, a woman I worked with, waiting on tables, suggested I might like getting a tarot reading from her sister.  I said I would love to.  I had begun reading cards when I lived in Portland and was quite fascinated with the whole process.  I was a beginner.  I went for my reading at the appointed time.  She had me shuffle the cards and began to do the reading.  What I remember now is that she was quite distressed about how alone I was.  She kept turning over the cards, searching and after a few moments said, “Whew, I finally see someone coming into your life.”  After the reading I thought to myself, “why is she was so upset about how alone I am.” 

It was about three weeks after the reading and “things” began to manifest.  I needed help, big time.  My world was falling apart.  I remembered the words of the reader and how worried she was about me.  I made a decision to start opening up to others, to try and live life without the use of drugs and alcohol and let myself be vulnerable to life again and people. It was quite a pivotal moment in my life.  Looking back, the path I was on would have only led to either a very lonely life or death.  The reading I had received that day, the way she was, concerned, truthful and ‘right on’ had changed and saved my life, and gave me insight into creating a new life for myself. 

Shortly after that experience, I started receiving regular readings from her, and began my study of tarot reading.  For twenty seven years I have read for many people and have received many rich and interesting readings that have guided my life and career.  I have found it to be a fascinating way to connect with the path of my soul.  I have come to understand the power that words can have to change a life.

I promise that I will always speak with that power, be truthful in the moment and never take advantage of a situation, as I have heard that some readers do.  I was given a gift that day, in good faith and I will always return the gift one thousand fold in that same faith to anyone who comes to me for a reading.

Shauna Angel Blue