FAQ's about Oracle Insights

Allow me to answer your White-Hot Questions

How do I know this will work?

Here’s the truth: you won’t “know” that this works for you until you see the synchronicities, divine timing, and perfect messages unfold for yourself.  

It’s not my job to convince you this works. It’s YOUR job to try it and decide.

I’m 100% confident in the power of this Series, and I want you to experience it.

That’s why I offer a 30-Day, No Questions Asked Return Policy with the 90 day Special.

Enroll in Oracle Insights right now, and you can soak up 30 days’ worth of Archetypal and Daily Readings risk-free. If you aren’t totally obsessed with the experience, just send me an email at goodfortune@shaunaofthestar.com within 30 days of purchase, and I’ll issue you a 100% refund—no questions asked.

(A note to all of your skeptics: PLEASE do the 30-day free trial! Skeptics are my favorite clients of all because once you experience the transformation for yourself, you’ll be a total convert. Consider this my little challenge to you.)

If I sign up, will you use my info to try and upsell me into something else?

Absolutely not. Sometimes subscription products can feel like a pyramid scheme, but everything I’ve laid out for you here is exactly (and only) what you’ll get.

I’m not here to scam or take advantage of you. I don’t play mind control games. My only purpose in this membership program is to provide clear, channeled guidance that helps you deepen you intuitive gifts and manifest your best life.

However…if you don't feel like you can’t trust me, that’s another matter. I’m completely open and honest in how I approach my business, and I truly love each and every one of my clients. But if I’m not a good fit for you, that’s okay—you can click away right now. No hard feelings, I promise!

I love getting personalized readings. But you’re not reading MY cards specifically, so how can you give advice that applies to MY life?

Interesting question. Actually, Oracle Insights is MORE about you than a personal, one-off reading…because it triggers a dialogue directly between you, me and the spiritual plane.

Unlike a reading, where a psychic interprets your pull of the cards for your highest good, this process is about me creating a channel through prayer, 5th level Reiki mastery, and my clarity as a psychic medium.

Then I ask my ego to step aside so the energy flows directly from the spiritual plane to you.

My lips are moving, I’m saying the words, but I, Shauna Angel Blue, am not really there. I’m just acting as a mouthpiece for the Universe—which I’ve called in specifically to provide guidance to every Oracle Insights subscriber.   

Your direct exchange and connection with the Divine is CRITICAL because your shift in consciousness is a form of Reiki healing. This healing opens your eyes to the signs. It allows you to receive what you want. It allows you to become the person who attracts exactly what they wants in their life.   

This type of spiritual transformation doesn’t occur in a one-time shot. You need to show up again and again—which Oracle Insights allows and encourages you to do.

So really, this service is WAY more “about you” than any private reading will ever be— because it enables you to interact with your own divine intuition on a consistent, daily basis.

What if I can’t afford it?

I developed this membership channel for people who LOVE to get Tarot Readings. Do you know how much a personal reading can cost? Anywhere from $50 to $1500 depending on the reader and they can be booked weeks in advanced.

With weekly readings and lifetime access, Shauna of the Star Oracle Series is waaaaaaay cheaper. Even an inexperienced tarot reader will set you back $2,000 (and that’s just one year’s worth of readings!)( I recently paid $200. for 30 minutes).

But really, the question is this:

Would you pay $1500 for lifetime membership to the most glorious, luminous spa you can imagine—one with nurturing yoga classes, glowing meditation sessions, perfumed saunas and steam baths, and your own personal masseuse on call 24/7?

Caring for your psychic and spiritual bodies is JUST as important as nourishing your physical one. (Not only is this a fundamental lesson from Reiki, I know from first-hand experience that connecting with sophisticated tarot guidance can absolutely save your life.)

I’ve had dozens of people tell me to charge upwards of $5000 for this program. Only YOU can decide if your spiritual growth and dream goals are worth the investment. It’s really up to you, your relationship with money, and your desire to take care of yourself on all levels.

If a lump sum upfront is outside your budget right now, I offer need-based payment plans. Email me directly at goodfortune@shaunaofthestar.com to learn more and apply.

What if I love this program but my friends/mom/coworkers/hairdresser think I’ve gone crazy?

Talking about your insights, discoveries, and ah-ha moments is one of the most exciting things about future forecasting. That’s why I offer access to my Facebook community of fellow Shauna of the Star subscribers.

Whether or not you decide to talk about your experiences with family and friends is 100% up to you. But I have found that having other people who share your enthusiasm makes the whole experience of personal transformation richer and more fun.

By the way…I understand how it feels to worry about what other people think of your beliefs. My family does not agree with what I do (even though I’ve done it for the past 20+ years). But I need a spiritual connection to live my life, and I’m committed to fulfilling my needs no matter who “approves.” It’s a personal choice, but I hope for your sake you’ll choose to put yourself first!

Can I get this information for free online?

Short answer: No, you can’t.

Long answer: You CAN get free astrology predictions and angel/oracle card readings, but this is the only 100% private channel dedicated EXCLUSIVELY to your personal and intuitive development.

Unlike other free online readings, Oracle Insights, do NOT apply to everyone (or even everyone with the same star sign as you).

These dense, powerful, glittering shots of insight are downloaded specifically for you. They’re more customized, more accurate, and more aligned with your soul than any other video series on the internet.

That’s because I channel specifically on the behalf of everyone who signs up for this program. (That’s how this program helps sharpen your intuitive skills—leading you to not only notice but accept and welcome your greatest gifts into your life.)

Remember how I said Reiki healings require an exchange of energy? When you become a member of my Oracle Series, that money acts as an energetic exchange. Your payment is the equivalent of signing a spiritual contract with me, which I then upload to the Universe. Then, when I film a video and you eventually click play, the psychic channel syncs up and insights flow straight from the Universe to you. Fantastic explanation