Oracle insights

A Unique Psychic Experience for Spiritual, Intuitive People all over the World, Creating a Future they want and staying Connected to their Soul


Overwhelmed and not able to make decisions for yourself?

Feel like something is wrong with you and the doors keep closing? 

Want to be in a loving relationship where your needs are getting met?

You know you need to find something more fulfilling and you want guidance.

How do  you know? Who can you trust? Are you willing to do what it takes?

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Join me, Shauna Angel Blue, with the Oracle Insights

  • Watch your spirit align within a wonder-filled place and feel loved 

  • Let go of self-sabotage

  • Have a chance to create change or accept a situation and see your true nature

  • Make decisions based in connection and support

  • Listen to the world at large and divine the messages with yourself

  • See the beauty of an expanded moment, that is real and unedited

  • Experience the power of prayer and what healing can look like; slow, sometimes painful, yet always worth the time and effort it takes to grow and be well


The Oracle Insights are a comprehensive support that is strong, steady and present.

You can watch the videos at any time in the week OR the ideal way of watching on Saturday evening, taking notes and then staying connected by rewatching at any point and checking in with the notes.

It really only takes a few minutes and week after week of watching them, you begin to have a practice of conscious connection with the Spiritual World around you. You will....

  • Gain clarity on personal situations and how to open up more creatively to the psychic realm

  • Experience joy and laughter. For me, this is a personalized medicine that is necessary way of life

  • Achieve success in connecting to an abundance of money and not doing the usual self-sabotage

  • Receive confirmation on what you perceive. This is extremely helpful, especially when one is obsessing about something

  • Have deep self-evaluations, leading to positive changes

  • Connect with Spirit, in a way that is of this millennium, with time and space

  • Connect with parts of the planet, that inspire and calm, so you can have a private meditation

  • Join a community of similar souls who are walking this path, wherever they are on the planet

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The Oracle Insights are a combination of... 

Two videos, each 5 - 10 minutes in length. One video for the Archetypal energies of the week, so you can see a bigger picture and make decisions accordingly and One video giving a direction to follow for the Every Day  energies, to keep you connected in each day.

They are separate, for distinction and time saving efforts

A like-minded community, to hold you in this spiritual space, share stories and witness the Oracles with each other

Secret portal access for your own viewing pleasure without the distractions of other visual elements

Channeled FB Lives, led by Shauna Angel Blue, giving deeper guidance into the Energies in the Oracles, along with special energetic topics.





  • Archetypal + Every Day Oracle Insights

  • Secret Facebook Group

  • Secret Enchantments

  • A personal welcome reading (gift) 



  • Archetypal + Every Day Oracle Insights

  • Secret Facebook Group

  • Secret Enchantments

  • 1x60 min Personal Tarot Reading (within 90 days; value $150)

  • A personal welcome reading (gift)

  • Other surprises along the way...



Upon signing up for the Oracle Insights

You will be part of an exclusive, secret Facebook Group that's integrated with the Oracle Insights Channel portal. This is a private, password protected portal for paid members only.

90 days VIP, you will schedule your first Personal Tarot Reading reading with me.

Once you accept the invitation and pick a plan, this will always be the price you required to pay, because as a subscription series; the prices will never change for you, (unless you wish to stop and then resign up again at a later date, where there has been a price increase).


Kind words from Oracle Insight Charter Members

"This week’s video shook me to the core. The changes I am being asked to make within myself and the way I engage with the world are profound and real. Your video took my breath away. It validated everything I’m feeling and felt like a true message.”

Crista Cloutier, Oracle Charter Member, The Working Artist, Arizona, US


Kate Barrett, Oracle Charter Member, Shine A Light Media, London UK

Yvonne Radley,Oracle Charter Member Big Me Up Media, Nottingham UK



I consider myself a very intuitive person. And still going into my first Transformational Tarot Reading I was a skeptic who didn’t know what to expect. I had some questions in mind, but Shauna channeled my deepest desires and worries. She clarified things for me that had been troubling me for months and years. It’s been 36 hours and I’m still re-listening to it, because of how profound it all was! I guess part of me was in shock! What’s most important to acknowledge though is how incredibly light I felt post reading. I felt as though I had seen a therapist and just worked things out. I had a more certain vision of where I was headed and what my true potential is. I feel truly transformed and am so grateful for this time! I can’t believe I ever cared how much it would cost! My peace of mind and sound heart are worth so much more! Thank you Shauna! So glad the universe brought you into my life! You’re an amazing Spiritual Guide! 

Claudia Sandoval, Oracle VIP member,


"I love how watching Shauna's Oracle Insights makes me feel like I'm right there with Shauna.  It's as if she's talking directly to me.  Her messages are very inspired, personal, and in the moment. Her artistry comes through in the imagery of each video and the beautiful shoot locations connect with her insights in meaningful and fun ways." 

Clara, Actress, PA



How the Oracles work

The Oracle insights are recorded ahead of time, into the future; to see the future. Each reading begins with a prayer, which ignites the Oracle for you to hear what you need to hear for YOUR highest good, according to Grace. The prayer is timeless and time-bound only by the date channeled in the prayer. It is important for me to say the prayer and for YOU to hear the prayer. The prayer is the key that opens the door to the reading.

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The words in the reading are channeled, in the moment. Everything is spoken with the intention of being of service to YOU and connecting you with your higher self, future self and evolved self. I am channeling, the words are not mine; they are from another dimension. I use tarot cards because the images speak to me and support me in speaking what I see, sense and hear, for the future.

The images, and the places I film, are selected for their visual vibrations, to ignite deeper wisdoms inside of you and to guide you. Nature is powerful and transforms our bodies and our lives. Art is powerful and transforms our lives by telling stories.

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This part of the 'channel' is the most subtle and least concrete in the layers of communication. My background in still photography influences each video,  to create a still photograph that moves. The videos are intended as verbal and visual meditations, enlivened with small, distinct, sweet movements.

Your role, as the viewer and participant, is to take notes, to listen and to see how the reading manifests in YOUR life, as you pay attention to the what happens to you and signs around you every day, every week.

By developing a working relationship with the spiritual aspects of life; trust, faith, love, and connection, you will create a life filled with granted wishes and dreams come true. 

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The Oracle Insights are a comprehensive support that is strong, steady and present. You can watch the videos at any time in the week OR the ideal way of watching on Saturday evening, taking notes and then staying connected by rewatching at any point and checking in with the notes.

Yes, it is a little crazy (a lot of fun) and outside even the outside box.

I promise you.  You will never regret leaping into faith with me.



How do the Oracle Insights differ from a personal reading? And, do I still need a personal reading on top?

In a personal reading you have a very limited space of time and questions, where you may or may not remember what the reading was about. The Oracle Insights are broader and wider than a personal reading, incorporating more and is recorded so you can review at any time. Getting a personal reading along with the Oracle Insights gives you total support. 

How is it possible that you can predict what happens each week?

I have been working in this field for 25+ years and I have studied, practiced and witnessed my abilities to see the future. I align my abilities with intention and focus on my trade. This is what I want to do.

What are the Secret Enchantments?

The Secret Enchantments are a continuation from the charter series, given to members at random times. A little extra something, to enchant you in the moment you open them up. Watch this one, here, as an example of how they work.

Can I get the personal reading even if I sign up for the 90 day package?

Of Course! Go Here to sign up for a personal Tarot reading.  

What happens after the initial sign up period is over? What happens if I want to cancel?

You are automatically resigned up for the package you originally signed up at the end of the 90 day. If you choose you can upgrade to a different package or you can cancel at any time. Refunds are given only within the first 7 days of re/signing up for each package. 

How do I know this will work?

Here’s the truth: you won’t “know” that this works for you until you see the synchronicities, divine timing, and perfect messages unfold for yourself.  

I’m 100% confident in the power of the Oracle Insights Channel because I have tested it out myself for the past 5 years. 

I love getting personalized readings. But you’re not reading MY cards specifically, so how can you give advice that applies to MY life?

Interesting question. Actually, Oracle Insights is MORE about you than a personal, one-off reading…because it triggers a dialogue directly between you, me and the spiritual plane.

Unlike a reading, where a psychic interprets your pull of the cards for your highest good, this process is about me creating a channel through prayer, 5th level Reiki mastery, and my clarity as a psychic medium.

Then I ask my ego to step aside so the energy flows directly from the spiritual plane to you.

Your direct exchange and connection with the Divine is CRITICAL because your shift in consciousness is a form of Reiki healing. This healing opens your eyes to the signs. It allows you to receive what you want. It allows you to become the person who attracts exactly what they want in their life.   

This type of spiritual transformation doesn’t occur in a one-time shot. You need to show up again and again—which Oracle Insights allows and encourages you to do.

So really, this service is much more “about you” than any private reading will ever be— because it enables you to interact with your own divine intuition on a consistent, daily basis. 

Caring for your psychic and spiritual bodies is JUST as important as nourishing your physical one. Not only is this a fundamental lesson from Reiki, I know from first-hand experience that connecting with sophisticated tarot guidance can save your life.

Can I get this information for free online?

Short answer: No, you can’t.

Long answer: You CAN get free astrology predictions and angel/oracle card readings, but this is the only 100% private channel dedicated EXCLUSIVELY to your personal and intuitive development.

Unlike other free online readings, Oracle Insights, do NOT apply to everyone (or even everyone with the same star sign as you).

These dense, powerful, glittering shots of insight are downloaded specifically for you. They’re more customized, more accurate, and more aligned with your soul than any other video series on the internet.

That’s because I channel specifically on the behalf of everyone who signs up for this program. (That’s how this program helps sharpen your intuitive skills—leading you to not only notice but accept and welcome your greatest gifts into your life.)

Remember how I said Reiki healings require an exchange of energy? When you become a member of my Oracle Insights Channel, that money acts as an energetic exchange. Your payment is the equivalent of signing a spiritual contract with me, which I then upload to the Universe. Then, when I film a video, and you eventually click play, the psychic channel syncs up, and insights flow straight from the Universe to you.


Shauna Angel Blue

Artist, Psychic, Clairvoyant, Medium, Dreamer, Tarot Card Reader, 5th Level Transformational Reiki Master/Teacher 1993

Creator of an online video channel, forecasting the future; day by day, week by week, with her artistically crafted visual and verbal channeling; is a 5th Level Transformational Reiki Master/Teacher for 25+ years. Shauna has an active practice of Reiki and Tarot Initiated into this mystical realm of spiritual communication, she recently was given a crystal ball!

Shauna has spent these 25 years of observing Divine Love creating health, wealth and love in her client's lives. She has been reading Tarot professionally since 1990, reading for over 10,000 people. Corporate events and private parties, she even did a psychic line for 6 months, once.

2007, Shauna became a Kundalini yoga instructor and has taught many types of courses; such as the Subagh Kriya and Meditations Channeled for Goddess circles and events.

Being an active artist, with an MFA in Photography 2000, Shauna is able to visualize, create, channel and guide enormous amounts of energy, to create a personal visual journey, whatever the medium that is being used in the moment; for healing and creating a life you LOVE to live.  

Shauna travels extensively between, NYC, Chicago, San Diego, & Paris.

Reiki Adventures in Greece and Portland, 2019!


Shauna of the Star's Oracle Insights Channel

Bottom line.

What are you getting by signing up for the Oracle Insights Channel?

 25 years of my psychic + healing experience and energy, to help you create a life you love to live. 

Every week, psychic support from the Heavens, via my video subscription series, the Oracle Insights.

Time with me, Shauna Angel Blue.

 And a fantastic community of like minded people, all connected through this channel.

You are worth this gift.