Before you enroll, you need to internalize this quick formula to maximize your investment.

(Because buying the treasure map won’t do you any good if you aren’t going to use it!)



Step 1: Take notes.

Watch the videos that come to you every weekend. (You’ll get two.) Drink in the beauty of the images on screen and write down key ideas so they sink into your consciousness.

Step 2: Say your prayers.

Demonstrate your willingness to receive help from the Universe by surrendering your ego to the highest good of yourself and the world.

Step 3: Meditate.
Commit to calming and releasing monkey mind antics as often as you can. This frees up space for your intuition to notice the signs I’ve already told you about.

You’ll get more specific instructions when you receive your Oracle Series Welcome Packet, but for now I just want you to know:


If you want to manifest a new husband, creative fame, or a profitable business, it really can be as simple as that.


Now, my love, I believe you are ready.

Take a second and look around.

Really drink it in: your chair, the computer screen, the swirl of thoughts jumping around in your brain.

It won’t be long before you look back at this moment and shake your head in amazement.

Imagine how GREAT it’s going to feel when you:

  • See your work hanging in galleries or get wild applause from on stage

  • Tangle your hands in with your lover’s as you snuggle up on a Saturday night

  • Make your friends (or total strangers) laugh like crazy and have a ball as you parade your glittery brand of imagination and humor

  • Wake up in your custom forever home—the one you designed with gentle ease and clarity—and reveling in each exquisite, soul=nourishing detail

  • Watch your clients slip into deep relaxation, trusting their bodies, releasing trauma and tension, and finally owning their potential and power

  • Know your work and love life create a ripple effect that spreads peace and joy into the world


This CAN be your life. Let’s just see how good it can get!