Kind words from clients

“This series is phenomenal. You know those dim intuitive thoughts that pop up from time to time, the way you sense some secret for better living is JUST at the edge of your consciousness but you can't quite bring it to light? Every week, Shauna manages to illuminate and articulate those insights in an applicable way. So you can actually relax into the flow of your intuition (not to mention the Universe!) and TRUST that you're on the right track. 

Here's an example of the accuracy and power of Shauna's Shauna of the Star series: I've been moving into my next level in business with lots of stops and starts over the last several months. Every time I have a miraculous breakthrough (in confidence, alignment, or mindset) I (very shortly thereafter) get tangled up by fear. I'll wake up in the morning feeling sick and overwhelmed by all I've left undone and all I have to do--plus that lovely fraud feeling ever soulful entrepreneur struggles with. This Sunday in particular I found myself putting the brakes on an intense stint of 14-hour workdays and began reaching for various spiritual texts to reframe and ground me. But my ego mind is beating me up, reminding me that this is why I'm not moving higher faster, etc etc. 

This week's Shauna of the Star zeroed in on this issue exactly. She recommended we ground ourselves and surrender to our limitations because we do not need to put everything out there right now. Instead we need to let the miracles occur and surrender to them while improving our craft. (AND she reminded me to listen to my mother, who I planned to call that very morning and who gave me much needed love and advice). 

Bottom line: This is a time of huge awakening in the world and those of us who feel called to serve in spirit necessarily ride the roller coaster of personal and societal ego flare-ups. (We're human, after all!) Shauna of the Star not only gives me language, context, and solutions for my of-the-moment-issues, it helps me connect to the bigger picture and trust in the flow of life. What a gift to receive--especially when we receive it EVERY WEEK.
- Elizabeth Derby


“I am smitten with Shauna Angel Blue!  My experience with the Star Weekly Tarot reading has brought insight and inspiration into my life.  I look forward to the readings as they are always creative and spot on with what is going on not only in my life but in general with the world around me.  Shauna is quick to bring humor and lightness into seemingly dark periods always reminding us of who we truly are...Divine!”

- Laura Pierluissi


“My only hesitation was the cost, but we all have our priorities! And you get what you pay for. I never would have believed that I would have other men interested in dating me, that I would actually be happier without my husband, but I am. Shauna helps me to see myself in a better light, to take a step back and assess the situation from a detached perspective, and to see that even in what looks like unpleasant or bad times, there are gems to be found. She gives me hope.”

Renea O'Neil


“Shauna has a natural ability to put you at ease and to see into your soul. Her readings are so insightful, absolutely spot on, and she even identified feelings that I hadn’t discussed (even with my partner). Shauna made me feel special, loved and welcomed by the universe, leaving me with everything in divine right order according to grace.”

—Susan Caruso


“Shauna is not afraid to tell the difficult truths, in fact, she is committed to it. She is a sensitive, intuitive person who has helped me put current life events in a bigger perspective of my whole life-span development.”



“Shauna’s gentle, honest coaxing helped my higher self surface and reveal some things I needed to look at, address and reflect upon. I’ve never worked with someone so genuine, compassionate and filled with light. Shauna helps you give yourself permission to listen to your soul’s desire and the fortitude to follow through!”



“Being a member of Shauna of the Star is absolutely amazing! Every week I excitedly log in as soon as Shauna’s email lands in my inbox to watch to that week’s videos. I find the weekly star readings amazingly insightful and they really help me know what to look out for during the week and to understand where emotions feelings and events may be coming from. I regularly watch the videos back as the week progresses to remind myself of any universal glitches I need to prepare myself for and to open myself up to healing, love, wealth and happiness. The Shauna of the Star weekly reading sets me up for the week and helps me to mentally prepare and motivate myself.”

~Cheryl Robinson

So, my love, tell me truly—what are you waiting for?
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And together, we’ll fulfill your soul’s purpose and create a life beyond your wildest dreams.