I doubt myself sometimes, too.


Because I’m human, right? Which means I struggle with the same feelings of fear and uncertainty that you do.

What if I can’t do it today? What if these signs only apply to me? What if, what if, what if?

So, every time I say my Oracle Prayer, focus my mind’s eye, and relax into the creative and spiritual unknown, the Universe ALWAYS responds. The answers ALWAYS appear, like colorful visions—because that’s exactly what they are. I transform into an oracle, a channel for psychic insights and images that support your highest good (and mine).

And over and over again, my clients tell me how accurate, helpful, and powerful my readings are.

It’s time for you to RELEASE low esteem and self-criticism and ATTRACT the abundance, joy, and love that is your birthright.

“Being a member of Shauna of the Star is absolutely amazing! Every week I excitedly log in as soon as Shauna’s email lands in my inbox to watch to that week’s videos. I find the weekly star readings amazingly insightful and they really help me know what to look out for during the week and to understand where emotions feelings and events may be coming from. I regularly watch the videos back as the week progresses to remind myself of any universal glitches I need to prepare myself for and to open myself up to healing, love, wealth and happiness. The Shauna of the Star weekly reading sets me up for the week and helps me to mentally prepare and motivate myself.”