adventure into a world of Divine psychic connection


Oracle Insights

For 21 days, you will tune in with me, through Video, Art, Tarot, Nature and Time; to connect with your Angels, Guides and Ascended Masters to hear the messages you need at this time to create the life you wish to have. Tuning in with the Oracle Insights, is a unique virtual psychic experience blending multiple mediums, to transform your reality into what you desire in your life right now. 


Within the 21 days you will...

♥️ Gain clarity on personal situations and open up creatively to the psychic realm

♥️ Experience joy and laughter. 

♥️ Connect to an abundance of money, without the usual self-sabotage

♥️ Connect with the planet, having private meditations to calm and inspire you

♥️ Confirmation on what you perceive, especially when you are obsessing 

♥️ Experience deep self-evaluations, leading to positive changes

♥️ Connect with Spirit, in a way that is of this millennium, within time and space


What happens over the 21 days

On a Saturday, you will receive two videos, channeling the energy of the week ahead. One video is for the Archetypal Energy of the week, One video is for the Every Day.

As you watch the videos, you will receive the inspiration and the direction you need for the entire 7 days. 

Join us every end of the week!.jpg

You will rewatch the videos at any point in the week to check in, to see how things are moving, what connections have been made, what still needs to be created. 

There will be Live Check Ins, impromptu Readings and a space for Questions in a closed FB Group.


Kind words for the Oracle Insights

"I am loving the readings. I get total goosebumps every time I listen to them. I came to a BIG decision, and that reading there was about something being over and me having enough. it was a total connection with what I was feeling and processing. The same week there was a day about looking at money and abundance where that resonated too. I think you have a such a beautiful voice and I connect with you during the readings." 

Rebecca Maslin, UK PT & Nutritional Coach


"What a beautiful video. The messages are very intriguing. I plan to keep watch on my week. These videos are an easy way to stay in touch with spirit."

Lin Bofelli, Chicago IL, Angel Intuitive + Astrologer

"I love how watching Shauna's Oracle Insights makes me feel like I'm right there with Shauna. It's as if she's talking directly to me. Her messages are very inspired, personal, and in the moment."

Clara, PA Actress

"Thank you so much for your video yesterday, it provided so much clarity! Sometimes we (I) take the readings so literal and such a breath of fresh to see something we weren’t even looking at. You’re a gift from heaven."

 Melissa Fox Wivell, CA


Shauna Angel Blue

Creator of the Oracle Insights

Artist, Psychic, Clairvoyant, Medium, Dreamer, Tarot Card Reader

5th Level Transformational Reiki Master/Teacher 1993